Secrets of Breaking into the Film & TV Business

In Secrets of Breaking into the Film & TV Business
[William Morrow & Company/HarperCollins.2014] successful, award-winning producer/director, Dean Silvers, shares his funny, practical, and innovative approach to breaking into Film and Televison, whether you want to direct, write, act, or produce.

It doesn’t take film school or expensive high-tech equipment to make a brilliant—and marketable—movie today, says successful maverick producer Dean Silvers. For aspiring filmmakers, it’s easier than ever to produce—and sell—their work.

Secrets of Breaking into the Film & TV Business is packed with concrete, proven advice to help you follow in the footsteps of today’s cinematic giants, many who broke out with runaway independent successes. Drawing from his own experiences, Silvers offers essential tips and a wealth of invaluable knowledge about every aspect of the moviemaking business, from Internet shorts to how to adapt, option, and collaborate on feature length films (with shoestring budgets).

Secrets of Breaking into the Film & TV Business covers such topics as:

Obstacles to Entering the Industry ― And How to Get Around Them:
Everything You Thought You Knew About the Film and Television Industry? . . . Fuhgeddaboudit!

Development, Finding an Idea, and Bringing It to Fruition:
Or, How I Gave Harvey Weinstein the Finger

The Script:
Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Start Your Engines!

Development and Actors:
This Is Your Role Too!

Show Me the Money!

The Best-Laid Plans

Making Your Film

When Your Film Becomes Your Film

Packaging Your Film:
Let the Games Begin!

Distributing and Marketing Your Film:
Hey, Look at Me!

Your Next Film:
The Career Maker (and How Failure Can Breed Success)

You Did It!