• Flirting with Disaster

    In this comedy of errors, soon-to-be father Mel Coplin sets out to find his birth parents, accompanied by his wife and sexy female adoption agent. Their quest becomes even more chaotic once drug dealers and a pair of gay FBI agents get involved.

    Starring: Ben Stiller, Patricia Arquette, Téa Leoni, Academy Award® Nominee Josh Brolin, Academy Award® Nominee Mary Tyler Moore, Academy Award® Nominee Alan Alda, Academy Award® Nominee Lilly Tomlin, Academy Award® Nominee George Segal, Academy Award® Nominee Richard Jenkins, Beth Ostrosky.

    “Uproarious! Sidesplitting! A complete original! A wonderfully mad odyssey of a movie! 'FLIRTING' thrives delightfully on the unexpected. A film so fabulously funny you may find yourself still laughing days after it's over!" – Janet Maslin, The New York Times

    Will Ferrell & Adam McKay consider "Flirting with Disaster" one of the "14 Movies You Should See Before You Die"

    Rottentomatoes.com ranked "Flirting with Disaster" #1 on "Ben Stiller's Best Movies"

    "A sexy, giddy maelstrom of confusion, mischance and misadventure that gets funnier and funnier as it goes along."
    – Kenneth Turan, The  Los Angeles Times

    "Two Thumbs Up...Exciting and Wildly Original!" -- Siskel & Ebert

    Flirting with Disaster was chosen as one of the ten Best Films of the year by Time Magazine. It was also dubbed the "funniest film of the year" by The New York Times, and included among its top five films of the year.

  • Committed

    This on-the-road comedy follows Joline, a New York club owner who's committed to the vows she took when she wed her photographer husband, Carl. When he unexpectedly leaves her to start a new life in Texas, she takes a leap of faith, and follows him. Without Carl's knowledge, Joline firmly entrenches herself in his new life, watching him, trying to figure out a way -- no matter how strange  -- to make their marriage work.

    Starring: Heather Graham, Academy Award® Nominee Casey Affleck, Luke Wilson, Academy Award® Nominee Mark Ruffalo, Goran Visnjic, Patricia Velasquez, Alfonso Arau, Kim Dickens, Clea DuVall, Summer Phoenix, Jon Stewart, Art Alexakis, Mary Kay Place, Dylan Baker, Wood Harris.

    "A High Spirited Comedy!” – USA Today

    "Heather Graham is Great!” – People Magazine

    “[A] wry comic fable about love....With its capacity to surprise, the film comes to life when you don't expect it to, in tiny but wonderfully off-center moments.” – Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times

    “Heather Graham is perfectly cast....Good twists along the way, and the movie will linger in your mind." – The Chicago Sun-Times

    "Hilarious Performances!" – Elle

    "Delightfully unpredictable experience.”  - Film.com

  • Spanking the Monkey

    In this laugh-out-loud, controversial comedy, pre-med student Ray Aibelli is forced to shirk a summer internship to care for his injured attractive mother.  She begins making inappropriately tender displays of her affection for him. Through time Ray discovers that his mother is not only physically but emotionally dependent on his presence.  As that relationship grows increasingly fuzzy, Ray must also deal with the sputtering advances of a neighborhood high school girl and the overly aggressive chiding of his estranged group of friends.

    Starring: Jeremy Davies, Alberta Watson, Carla Gallo, Benjamin Hendrickson, Zak Orth.

    “Witty… Irreverent. One of the most original directors to come out of Sundance in years. – Caryn James, The New York Times

    “A shattering, shockingly funny debut.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

    "The Best Film of the Year." - Premier Magazine (Europe)

    "Affecting and provocative." – Entertainment Weekly

    "Winner of the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, SPANKING THE MONKEY is a unique, penetrating, and, ultimately, courageously honest film. Unlike so many other recent youth-oriented independent efforts, it takes on difficult, even impossible, issues with genuinely astonishing results." – TV Guide

    Chosen as one of The Best Films of the Year by The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and The New York Post.

  • Manny & Lo

    In this warm, heartfelt, unique comedy, Sixteen-year-old Lo and 11-year-old Manny are sisters who've just ditched their foster homes, and are living on the run, stealing food, and sleeping in random empty homes. It quickly becomes apparent that Lo is pregnant and they won't be able to continue their wandering lifestyle. Stymied about how to deal with this new development, the girls kidnap a middle-aged woman dressed as a nurse who works in a maternity store, hoping she will be able to help them.

    Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Aleksa Palladino, Mary Kay Place, Glenn Fitzgerald, Paul Guilfoyle.

    “A warm, fabulously unsentimental comedy...one of the finds of the year.” – Caryn James, The New York Times

    “Absolutely Remarkable.” – Roger Ebert

    “A perfectly pitched oddball comedy that reveals a wholly original sensibility.” – Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times

    “Utterly original.” – Emanuel Levy, Variety

    "A lovely tale.  With the utmost warmth and clarity... It’s the kind of story that leaves viewers with a warm glow. " – Janet Maslin, The New York Times

    "Funny and heart-breaking and uplifting." – The Austin Chronicle

  • One Fall

    This heartwarming fable takes place in the small town of One Fall. It centers on a man who survives a 200-foot drop from a cliff, and later realizes he's acquired supernatural healing powers. Returning to his hometown after years away, he offers to heal others -- but not altruistically. If people pay him, he will cure them. Though he appears to be doing the right thing, he is doing it for for all the wrong reasons. As his moral crisis peaks, he must figure out why he survived his fall, and what he is really meant to do with his life.

    Starring: Marcus Dean Fuller, Zoe McLellan, Mark Margolis, James McCaffrey, Dominic Fumusa, Phyllis Somerville, Keli Price

    "Intriguing... Mystical." – The New York Times

    "Most Popular" Watch Instantly - Netflix.com

    “Engaging… Family drama meets quirky character study meets supernatural-tinged existential musing.” – The Village Voice

    “Charming…  Brilliant… Sweetly unexpected.” – AMC Film Critic

    “High quality production…  There is a great story here, a classic story about loving one’s family and respecting oneself, no matter what the circumstances.” – Monsters & Critics

    “Compelling and entertaining story.” – The Cleveland Movie Blog

  • Wigstock: The Movie

    This hilarious, fun, affectionate documentary looks at the festival-in-drag that was held on Labor Day in New York City, with Wigstock's founder, Lady Bunny, hosting the event as 30,000 spectators enjoy a dazzling array of costumes, celebrity impersonators, and musical performances.

    Starring: RuPaul, The Lady Bunny, Alexis Arquette, Candis Cayne, Jackie Beat, Debbie Harry, Coco Peru, Lypsinca, Leigh Bowery, Crystal Waters

    “Totally fun… outrageous humor and high energy extravaganza!” – The Los Angeles Times

    “Outrageous entertaining, & illuminating!” – Caryn James, The New York Times

    “An outrageously entertaining, purely-for-pleasure dragathon, is here! ” ‘Wigstock’ is a blast of a movie and never lags in energy or spirit.” – San Francisco Chronicle

    “A big, colorful extravaganza... A fun show to behold, a tribute to the human imagination at its most diverse and eccentric.” – Emanuel Levy, Variety

    “Hilarious, an absolute blast!” – LA Reader

    “It’s fun for everyone!” – The Washington Post

  • The Atlantis Conspiracy

    This irreverent, clever, and dramatic thriller follows Lauren Marcus, a jaded visionary who returns to New York City after an extended absence. Together with a young bookie, and a cynical federal agent, she gets pulled into a mysterious corporate conspiracy, and murder investigation.

    Starring: Golden Globe Winner® Amanda Donohoe, Jeremy Davies, Adrienne Shelly, Bill Sage, Paul Calderon, Glenn Fitzgerald.

    “Amanada Donohoe, like Bette Davis or Barbara Stanwyck, dominates every moment she's onscreen and makes you care about her disillusioned character.” – Movie Magazine International

    Premiered on HBO

  • The Last Good Time

    This romantic, whimsical, deeply emotional story follows Joseph Kopple, a former professional musician who has withdrawn into a quiet life after the death of his wife. Joseph’s view of the world is changed completely when he becomes close companions with the beautiful and youthful Charlotte.

    Starring: Academy Award Nominee® Armin Mueller-Stahl, Academy Award® Winner Maureen Stapleton, Olivia D'Abo, Lionel Stander, Adrian Pasdar, Kevin Corrigan

    "A smart, provocative piece of work" – The Washington Post

    “Absorbing, touching, and highly recommended.” – Jeffrey Lyons, NBC-TV

    “Filled with moments of sweetness and wit… Emotional without being mawkish. It is just sentimental enough. ” – Caryn James, The New York Times

    “Armin Mueller-Stahl delivers a towering performance… An unusually poignant, finely observed comedy-drama… A stellar supporting cast includes the irascible (Lionel) Stander and the magnificent Maureen Stapleton. " – Emanuel Levy, Variety

    “A beautifully acted and directed film.” – Newsday

  • Beyond the Fire

    This dramatic, intriguing film centers on Sheamy, a gentle Irish ex-priest who arrives in London and meets the very cute and likable Katie. Immediately, the attraction is undeniable between the two. However, Katie and Sheamy both have deep emotional scars from past encounters. Their intense romance is short-lived and begins to collapse when the past comes back to haunt them. (UK)

    Starring: Cara Seymour, Scot Williams, Hugh Sachs, Chris O'Neill.

    “Very romantic, authentic and intense, tender and touching, a great feel for people and a great feel for places…fantastically told.” – BBC Radio London

    “Beautiful, profound, and thought provoking.” – Independent on Sunday

    “Startling originality….Murphy has a sensitive directorial touch.” – Filmstar Magazine

    “Unsettling but brilliant drama… 4/4 Stars.” – Belfast Telegraph

    “Cara Seymour is the stand out star of the film…to say Beyond the Fire is provocative is an understatement.” – Indie London

    “Heartfelt, its unironic belief in the power of love is attractive.” – The Guardian

  • Resident Alien

    This witty and charming film chronicles the adventures of cult figure Quentin Crisp (acclaimed author of “The Naked Civil Servant”), a flamboyant and eccentric Brit. We follow Quentin in his madcap dash across the margins of downtown Manhattan, in the pursuit of fame during the last days of bohemian New York City.

    Starring: Quentin Crisp, Academy Award® Nominee Sting, Academy Award® Nominee John Hurt, Fran Lebowitz, Paul Morrissey, Holly Woodlawn, Robert Patrick, Penny Arcade, Michael Musto.

    “Savagely amusing and warm… remarkable.” – The Washington Post

    “Fascinating... Stylish…Wonderful…The film shines. – The Chicago Tribune

    “Perceptive and thoroughly engaging.” – The Los Angeles Times