“I thought the seminar was fantastic. I've always been hesitant to go to events like this, since you never really know if it will be worth the price of entry. This definitely was -- I got more out of it than I ever expected. Dean offered frank advice based on his experiences in the industry, and gave really great suggestions to all of us for how to move forward in our careers -- no matter where we are currently. After the seminar we continued to communicate back and forth on some of my ideas -- this is incredibly generous of him and helpful to me! I would recommend this seminar to anyone trying to break into the film industry.”

- Sara J.

“The experience and knowledge Dean Silvers shared with those attending the seminar was invaluable. Before attending this seminar a career in filmmaking seemed unattainable. It looked as though my MFA in Screenwriting would only serve as a fancy, expensive poster on my bedroom wall. But Dean couldn't have been more positive. A regular guy, much like myself, Dean is someone who has been there and then gone on to have "done that." I walked away from this seminar equipped with the tools and confidence needed to go out and make a career in filmmaking for myself. Everyone always tells you that you have to be persistent when pursuing any career, especially one in film. But Dean explained how to actually go about being persistent. What options and tricks are at the disposal of a young filmmaker. Creative ways to be cost effective. To get your ideas out there to the right people. How to assemble just the right crew for the right project. Independent film is alive and well and waiting for hungry filmmakers who's passion won't let anything stand in their way. Thanks to Dean Silvers, I now know how to put that passion to work.”

- Ryan F.

“Dean Silvers' enthusiasm and generosity in sharing his own filmmaking experience and insights make this seminar a must for anyone who wants to learn how to make movies.

From the history and various artistic achievements of cinema to the details required at the business end of any film production (including how to find financing), Dean explains how both the industry and the filmmaking process work, suggests creative and even counterintuitive methods for achieving filmmaking goals, and offers thoughtful, honest critiques of seminar participants' projects and ideas. He provides a thorough education in a matter of hours -- I urge you not to miss this one.”

- Melanie M.

“Earlier this week, I had the privilege of attending Dean Silver's seminar: "Breaking into the Film Industry: What the Film Schools and Academies Don't Tell You".

During the 3 hours, Mr. Silvers shared a wealth of information acquired over 25 years of being in the industry, particularly the independent film industry. It was also a great networking opportunity where I met other filmmakers and actors. The best part of the evening was Mr. Silvers' request that I show him my short film once I was done with it. His son even offered his help in finalizing and revising the script! I know that this connection will be very helpful in the future once I get the ball rolling with preparing for and shooting my short film in the upcoming months.

Check out his website to apply for his seminar if you are interested. If you really are passionate about learning some valuable tips on making it in the Film industry and meeting an important connection in the industry, the price will be worth it.”

- Rolando V.

“I'm an aspiring musician with a thriving interest in film. However, I have always been interested from afar, because frankly, I have always heard how difficult an industry it is to break into if you did not know anybody in the Industry. However, after attending Mr. Silvers' seminar, I most excitedly no longer feel this way!

During the seminar, Prof. Silvers walked us through the basics of how to make a movie from the foundation of creation and fundraising to the actual post-prod. stages, dispelling much of the confusion. And more importantly, he showed me ways of I can really get into in the industry, even if I didn't know anybody. It was an incredibly exhilarating and self-empowering experience. After hearing Mr. Silvers, I really feel I have learned and gotten the tools to go out and just do it!

In addition to this, I am deeply inspired by him because he brings humanity to business, from his knowledge, to his radiant sense of humor. I've been so encouraged by this, I am now going to attempt to write my first script sometime very soon!”

- Elwood M.

"Dean Silver's seminar is a fantastic overview of the film industry that gives practical, actionable ideas for new and aspiring filmmakers. Dean's enthusiasm coupled with his ability to communicate his ideas on where the access points to the marketplace currently are, are a great re-focusing tool. Perhaps even more valuable than the seminar, was Dean's laser-like ability to assess my current projects and guide me to ask the important question, 'Do my current projects serve my immediate career goals?'. The insights he shared were the kind you spend days mulling over and considering."

- Marissa M.

"Dean's seminar was a refreshing reminder of how an artist needs to understand the world he/she is operating in before making the world understand the artist. A no b******* (sorry if this can't be used but its true) engaging conversation about the misconceptions of the industry and his genuine desire for us to empower ourselves with the reality of how things work so we can set about making a future in it."

- Shaz K.